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Some women are drawn to slabs of dark chocolate, some to the glitter of diamonds or the opalescence of pearls but what does it for me are online writing classes. Over the past two months and into the upcoming two months I have taken, or will take, a total of 8 online classes in essay writing, poetry and flash fiction. When I find classes being offered I hone in on those that intrigue me, those genres that I actually write in.

I get updates from Story Circle Network, WOW-Women on Writing, Writing It Real and from writer and teacher Jordan Rosenfeld. I also explore on a regular basis classes offered by Gotham online classes and Writers' Digest.

So what's the intrigue?
motivation to writehonest and professional critiquesexposure to writing I might not discover on my ownconnection with other writers going through the same challengesprompts and exercises that get me writing and give me direction Just creating my pocket folders for each class, with neatly typed labels in violet prin…