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Poems for Mother's Day

Every once in a while I go back to my first poetry collection. I re-read the poems and peruse the art work. With a title like, "I am My Mother's Only Poem" I think this is a fitting gift for any mom.

Here are some samples of what you can find between the covers.

mourning doves
perch in pairs
never alone ~
your voice in my ear
constant and new


autumn ballroom
frost painted
bare feet sashay and slide
expose my soul~
for you to know
like your own hand

Ideas are like Rabbits

The question writers get asked the most often is, "where do you get your ideas?" For poets, short story writers, and novelists who write a book a year or several series a year the need for ideas is a constant. How do they have ideas for so many stories or poems?

For me, ideas are like rabbits.

They multiply at a rapid rate. And in the same way that rabbits create more rabbits, ideas create more ideas and the more I have the more I get.
Craft books are profuse with ways to get story ideas:
BrainstormRead newspapersObserve people in the cafePlay the "what if" gameEavesdrop on conversations
Each of those methods is helpful and can elicit an array of story or character ideas for your writing. I have on occasion used a few myself. Mostly, however, I don't search for ideas, they find me. And just like those fertile little bunnies, ideas increase exponentially. They float in thin air and crawl inside my ear. They arise from some cells deep within me and gnaw at my brain un…