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Emerging Novelist

Okay, so this is a pretty blurry picture of my latest mixed media canvas and you may wonder why I am putting my art on my writing blog. Well this particular piece "Find Your Balance" seems to be the theme for my life right now.

For many years I have flip flopped between writing and art and within each of those creative pursuits there have been additional flips flops between different genres or different techniques and styles. Now my brain seems to be pushing back into writing. So putting my art here today seems to be a bridge between my two creative worlds.

The writing bug has been dogging me for a couple months now. It began with partial retirement in July when I had more time to myself than ever before. And now that I am completely retired and all my time is my own the dream of being a novelist has emerged once again. I've waited years to retire and have my days free to write. To be able to write every day and not have my characters and their stories become foreign to me…