PROMPT: looking back it was the eggplant that caused it.

            “What are you doing?” Alice yelped.
            Her husband, blonde ponytail knotted from an afternoon in the wind, looked up.
            “What do you mean? I’m planting eggplant seeds.”
            “They’ll never grow. I told you to stick with tomatoes and cucumbers.”
            Tony laughed and wiped sweat off his forehead leaving a trail of moist dirt.
            “Of course they will,” he said. “I need a change. We always plant tomatoes and cucumbers. I wanted to be innovative. Can’t do the same things all the time. Break out of the box. Fly the coop. Don’t be so boring.”
            “Boring huh?’
            Alice snapped around and stomped back to the house. Eggplant will never grow in this tight earth. They need loose sandy soil. He’ll see come August when this garden is barren.
            In the bedroom she pulled the blanket down to the foot of the bed. Then she showered and anointed herself with musk scented body oil. When Tony came up from gardening he took one look at his wife posed erotically on the bed, nothing but her pink skin as a covering.
            “What’s all this?” he asked.
            “I’m not being boring,” Alice drawled.
            Tony stripped, took a quick shower and joined Alice on the bed. They spent hours making love and sleeping, making love and sleeping, until the sun rose on a new day.
            In August the eggplants were thick lush plants, purple bulbs of pungent flesh hanging from thick stems. And Alice’s taut belly was beginning to soften.
            Nine months later, when Alice gave birth to an adorable blonde haired baby she told everyone the eggplant caused it.


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