Saturday was spent out at the wineries with friends and we had a grand time. Sunday bloomed crisp and sunny and free. A good spread of hours in which to write. But as much as writers love to write, we also seem adept at finding other ways to occupy our free time.

Here are ten things to do instead of writing. Some fun and some not so much fun, but they supply the coward's way out of attacking that plot twist, that end rhyme, that perfect tie up to an essay.

  1. clean out your closet
  2. take photos of your shoes to glue on the boxes so you know what's inside
  3. bake a batch of brownies
  4. read a good novel
  5. make lists of ideas for new novels and stories
  6. walk in the woods
  7. do laundry
  8. take a nap
  9. chat on facebook
  10. enter writing contests (well okay at least this one is related to writing)
After all that is done it's time to tackle that new chapter and figure out exactly why Meghan's twin sister committed suicide on her sixteenth birthday. Or was it really suicide?


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