I am Multi-textual

I admit it. I am multi-textual. I didn't have to come out of the closet, just out of my writing room to face the truth. Some writers focus on poetry, or memoir, or novels. I have a slew of writing interests--I write memoir--in essay, poetry and book length. I write poems. I write short stories and flash fiction. I combine poetry with art. And I have a third novel in progress.

Some say focusing on one genre is the way to succeed. Others claim reading and writing different genres keeps the writing fresh and the writer from getting bored. I just figure I have to accept and admit that I like to read and write in several genres and go with it. I want to do it all, I don't want to have to choose.

So as this year drops its velvet curtain and the curtains rise on 2013 I will write in whatever genre shows up at my desk or computer. I will accept I cannot choose just one. And I will do my best to keep a writing flow and to submit my work because no writer ever got anywhere with her poems, stories and novels stuck inside a metal file cabinet.


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