New Goals

The holidays are over and a new year spreads out ahead of me. Where am I going at this moment in time with my writing. Where do I want to land and how will I get there? I want a career in writing. With less than three years left before I retire I want to start planning now to have writing novels a major part of my life once all that open time comes into my life. That means I have to write more this year. I have to hone in on a genre and on a brand so I can get some novels out in the marketplace. I have to join some writing organizations and network with other writers. I have to hunker down and get busy.

No more procrastination and avoidance. No more meandering down more attractive shady lanes. No more making excuses of not time, motivation or energy. Last year I made a commitment to lose weight. I did the work, kept the discipline and exercised my little tushy off and reached my goal weight. It was easier than I thought it would be. I'm hoping getting a novel done, marketing it then writing another, and another, and another will be easier than I anticipate also.

I've written novels before. Not published, but I know I can write them. The best reward of doing something is proving to yourself you can do it again. So why do I stall? I avoid writing novels by making art or writing short stories and poems instead.

This month I entered a Challenge to Write group with author and teacher Patricia Kay. The charge is to write every day-at least three pages-and so far, five days in, I'm doing it. Have to keep going. Have to make this work for me. Finally. Forever.


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