I am My Mother's Only Poem

This is such an exciting time for me. My stepson and his wife have given birth to a beautiful baby boy--Giovanni Roman Cassese. He is bright, alert and wonderful. They live two states away and I won't get to hold him for a while but so happy and grateful to welcome this little man into the world and into our hearts. Family is such a treasure to us that it makes us smile knowing our tribe is expanding.

The other birth that took place this weekend is my book of poetry "I am My Mother's Only Poem."
It is available for sale at the link below. It is a wonderful feeling to see my own book for sale and even more exciting to know I can share my heart and soul with the world. Well with anyone willing to plop down some dollars in order to read what I have written and gaze at the art I have created.

Now I am challenged to keep up the momentum and write and publish more books--collections of poetry and short stories, and perhaps one day a novel or two. So much writing to do! Now I need to pop out of my shy shell and learn how to promote my book because how else will people know it is out there.

Looking forward to hearing readers' reactions and hoping all of you will share your feelings and thoughts about the poems in this book here on my blog or on facebook.

CreateSpace eStore: https://www.createspace.com/4612548


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