Nature Poem Challenge--Day 8

spring tears
soak the dead earth
flowers resurrected
from winter's sleep
birds sing joy

I'm enjoying this year's poetry challenge as I love nature and wish I could spend more time outdoors absorbing her gifts. Since I spend most of my days indoors in an office it's fun to spend some morning time crafting poems that sing Mother Nature's praises.

I do believe in synchronicity and as it turns out, the other day while clearing out some of my numerous books I came across "The Wise Earth Speaks to Your Spirit: 52 Ways to Find Your Voice through Journal Writing" by Janell Moon. I took this as a sign that I should finally open the book and follow some of the exercises. I chose a blank journal with pictures of flowers and strawberries on it that was just waiting in my writing room for something special to be scribed inside it.

Now I have the perfect play area to manipulate words and ideas and write poems for this challenge and to give voice to my soul. I love how everything seems to just align itself to meet my needs and desires.


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