I always believed New Year resolutions should be composed in December. That way you can just dive right into them on January 1. This is the first year I am actually doing that!

The new issue of Writers' Digest magazine says "Make 2016 the year you write your novel." So that is my plan. I have no more excuses. Now that I am retired I have all the time I need. I just have to muster the motivation and inspiration. I have the idea for the novel so now I have to take a few first preparatory steps.

  1. Clear away art supplies and wash my art/writing desk.
  2. Set up my writing craft books on the computer desk.
  3. Create a binder for the novel and take out a fresh clean spiral notebook for notes and the first draft.
  4. Begin planning the story and creating characters.
I want to be able to start right in on a first draft beginning January 1.

In the planning stages I am using a few tools and ideas from writing gurus.

First I am going to re-watch the videos that Martha Alderson created. One series is about developing you plot. The other series is about your personal journey as a writer. Each series of videos come with free workbooks that I will follow. Martha Alderson is aka the Plot Whisperer.

I've been to her retreat which was immensely helpful and have read and used all of her books. Her prompt book is a great way to launch a first draft and I will use that in the new year.

I have also learned a lot from Diane O'Connell's book on novel writing.

Here she lays out a plan for creating a novel that will have a strong story, engaging characters and solid marketability. Her online class was fun and informative and phone consults with her helped to narrow my writing focus.

So the next three weeks will be spent in preparing to write a clean first draft and in creating a year full of goals for this novel and for a long range career in novel writing.

Yes- I believe 2016 will be the year I finish a novel and begin to seek representation and publication!! Full steam ahead!!


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