Getting back to writing a novel

It's been nine months since I wrote that last post and lots has happened--very little to do with writing however. Much to my embarrassment I haven't touched that novel since my critique group retreat in April. I do have an excuse though.

In May we flew to California and found a new home in a very nice apartment complex. It took many months to settle the details, pack up our belongings and drive from the east coast to the west. But now we are here and settled in and loving the sunny warm weather. We have taken care of details and acclimated ourselves to where things are in the town and now it is time I got back to business.

I have been making lots of art journal layouts and enjoying it immensely but it's time to get back to writing this novel.
It seems I do not have any of the previous material so I am beginning from scratch!

I set up my notebooks and have an idea where I'm going. I also signed up for an online class to outline the foundation of the novel so I can have a solid start. This is meant to be the first novel of a three book series and I hope I can recreate my notes for the stories.

I plan to post more often and share with you the process of turning my idea into a viable novel. I think writing novels is fun despite the hard work and headaches and time that go into writing. But I am up for the challenge.

Perhaps the warm winter here in southern California will provide inspiration.


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