Reading and Writing for Success

Not all readers desire to write, but all writers must read. Books in their genre, as well as fiction in other genres, creative nonfiction and poetry. Reading in the genre you write in is of course primary as that is how we learn what works and what doesn't work, where the trends are and which trends are being abandoned for something newer, more exciting, perhaps darker and more mysterious.

Reading in our chosen genre, which for me is romantic women's fiction and romantic suspense, helps to integrate the narrative and plot structures expected in these novels. It exposes us to new writers that we can connect with on social media and hopefully run into at writers' conferences and book signing events.

Reading outside of our genres helps enhance our skills in using language in creative and engaging ways. Poetry opens us to imaginative language as well as specificity and concision.

Presently I am reading and re-reading the Ten Poems series by Roger Housden. The poems inform my writing style and the accompanying essays share insight into human thoughts and emotions which definitely helps with character understanding and development.

I'm also reading Jennifer Probst's writing craft book, "Write Naked." It is a great resource for any fiction writer though her focus is romance. She balances a huge dose of encouragement for new and seasoned writers alike, with scoops of reality about developing a career as a writer.

Since I am focused on writing a series I am also reading Karen Weisner's book "Writing the Fiction Series." 

All in all it's a reading and writing life for me. I will continue to share the process as well as books that act as stepping stones along my journey.


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