Saturday was rainy and gloomy but I was happy to be indoors and sheltered by the quilt of gray clouds and the light of my muse. Sometimes it's just delightful to stay home all day and gather my poems into a notebook to await revisions. To leisurely lounge in bed, have a lovely breakfast and relax with that second cup of coffee while discussing politics with my husband. Then read without thinking about where I have to go, or what I have to do next.

I need these points of stillness in my life in order to let the muse in. She's shy and doesn't like to appear in the midst of noise, people or chaos. Somehow these rainy days, with soft music in the background, and the comfort of hot tea, beckon her out onto my shoulder where I can just sit, stare into space, not thinking, and let her guide me in the right direction. Lately she's been nudging me toward poetry, but the other night she gave me a significant push back toward my abandoned novel.

I could use more days of soft silence--so much more would get written this way. My days off from work are when my muse comes out to play. Someday when I retire she is going to be very playful.


  1. You just described my ideal day. :-)
    It strikes me that this posting could make a beautiful meditation tape, visualizing the peace and serenity needed to awaken the muse.

  2. Thank you Cathy. That is my perfect time. I had another writing day Sunday though it was a sunny one. Lots of progress made on my novel and that's always a good thing


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