A commitment to writing is a dangerous animal. It roars and breathes fire that licks at the brain even when you are sleeping. It never leaves you alone and yet it adds a dimension to your life that warms the heart and stresses you to the nth degree. I've written before about my constant genre jumping but lately I feel a pull into a more committed type of writing. It takes work and perseverence which is difficult to do when I already have a full time job, but I have no choice. It is in me and it is what I do.

I have had enough success with short stories recently to know I need to concentrate on that as my writing genre. Of course poetry will still abide as it is my first reading/writing love and my true passion. Why waste all that time on trying to finish a novel that has been in progress for three years now when I have written at least 20 stories this year, and numerous poems. I need to put some time into revising and submitting all that work. Nothing gets publsihed sitting in a binder on a shelf.

It's time to make a commitment to study, read, write, revise and submit short stories and poems. As September blooms cool and welcoming I will move ahead toward more success.

Today I resubmitted a story that was just rejected and I sent two queries for my short story collection to agents. I am now searching all resources for agents and publsihers of short story collections and researching markets for individual stories and poems.

Wish me luck my blogging and writing friends.

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