National Poetry Month-Day One

April is National Poetry Month. I have their 2013 poster in my office at work. I have a purple covered journal waiting to accept my morning musings that will spiral into poems as the smoke rises from my creative fires.

At the moment I have two serious, long term writing projects moving along like bullet trains. The first is the novel I've been working on for two years. It is still very much in draft form with new story lines and character changes emerging from various writing exercises and lots of brainstorming. The second is a memoir that I am writing in the form of a poetry collection. These are big projects and I plan and commit to completing them both this year. I have come to the conclusion that if I focus on these two projects, make time to write every day, and keep the goals in mind I can do this. I accept that I have to have a variety of writing to do and that I can alternate between these two projects as long as I don't let anything else get in the way.

So for National Poetry Month I will share the poems that blossom from my purple journal--one a day for the month of April. I am using the book "Writing Poetry from the Inside Out." It has pages and pages of groups of four words to use as prompts for poetry. I'll share the group I used for each poem that I post here.

Do yourselves a favor and read poems this month. Perhaps one a day.
Go to the site and sign up for a poem a day in your email box. Learn to love the play of ideas, the rhythm of language and the intensity with which poets express big ideas in the smallest of poems.

Here is my poem for day number one.

word group:  weak--boards--spirit--flesh

Her gossamer draped spirit
dances across the room.
Bare feet never land
on the worn and splintered floor boards.
The dream is weak--
an apparition unfelt--
as her ghost figure
raises her arms
in hope
in faith
a heart weak
from the long journey
the search
for what rightfully
in hers.


  1. So happy to hear about the progress you're making with your writing projects and your determination to complete them. You're inspiring me to get moving on some of the ideas I've been playing with lately.
    Looking forward to reading your poetry this month--you go girl!!!!


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