The webinar last night was very informative. It looked at the structure of Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir "Eat, Pray, Love" and offered advice and suggestions on how we can structure our own memoirs to make them more cohesive and marketable. The webinar was offered through Write Your Memoir in Six Months and was presented by Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner--two awesome and accessible teachers.

I've put off writing this memoir for a long time despite knowing it's something I need to do. Putting my emotional truth and my past in writing for the world is a scary thing to do but I have to do it. I've written some short essays about events during that time frame and even written a very fictionalized version of my story. After viewing the webinar last night I became motivated to sit down and get this done. Here's what I'm doing in order to reach that goal.

1-- I signed up for Write Nonfiction in November. It's a group like NaNoWriMo but for nonfiction. Taking Brooke Warner's advice to write 500 words five days a week I will make a big effort to establish a steady writing practice. In 30 days I could write at least 15,000 words and get a head start on a first draft.

2-- I enrolled in a one month course from Write Your Memoir in Six Months that begins on November 5. This is a 4 week course that uses "Eat Pray Love" as a vehicle to teach important techniques for memoir writing.

3-- I also enrolled in the actual Write Your Memoir in Six Months course that begins in January. It was a bit costly and I felt a little guilty but the satisfaction of writing with two wonderful teachers and mentors is priceless. After writing my poetry collection with my mentor Lorraine Mejia, I know how valuable and rewarding that experience is.

I'm confident that 2014 will be a year of writing success.

Wishing you many moments of writing your emotional truth.


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