Rejuvenating My Writing Energy

For the past few weeks art has overtaken my writing energy. I love art journaling and using visual images to express myself. I also love getting paint all over my hands and engaging in play on the page through intuitive abstract painting. But at heart am a writer and I need to get my head back in that game.

I did accomplish quite a bit of writing in the online class I took in August, but once it was over I returned to art. Now it's time to write and as synchronicity would have it Melanie Faith is offering a prompted daily writing class through It begins on November 1st--just in time. I have a few weeks to reset my mind. Melanie is a wonderful and supportive teacher and I have taken many classes with her in the past, both in fiction and poetry. Her guidance is wonderful and she shares lots of prompts, quotes and inspiration on a daily basis. The class lessons are guided by Natalie Goldberg's book "Writing Down the Bones" which is an iconic writer's guide I've read it twice and look forward to rereading my dog-eared copy when I take this class.

Let's face it, or let me face it, I don't think writing a novel is in my life. It's an onerous task and I'm too old for it, though I haven't totally trashed the idea yet. It seems any time I open a novel and begin to read the urge to write a novel returns. It sends tiny electrical charges through my nervous system and my veins and I can almost feel my fingers tingle with the anticipation of moving pen across the blank page or letting my fingers tango over the keyboard. I'm destined to write, or doomed to write, whichever way you, or I, wish to see it. It's like breathing to me and to not write is to suffocate.

I hope to post some of what I write in this class on this blog though I am still not sure of copyright issues or the potential to have a story stolen. Perhaps that fear ignores the fact that who wants to steal my stories anyway. I'll figure it out but I hope my readers will join me on this journey. Perhaps send out a few words to your writer and reader friends to hop on this blog and see what I come up with.


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