Genre jumping is not for everyone. Most writers I know stick to one genre and work on one project (novel, memoir) at a time.  I can't seem to muster up that much focus. I opened this blog talking about flash fiction. I am taking the online class, writing from prompts and I promise to share some of those stories and struggles on this blog. But for today---here is a new poem. Enjoy! Share your own writing and writing struggles with me and my readers!

my arm an ivory arc
meets you halfway
across this erratic melody--
tripping on words
as if they were feet
caught in the missteps
of a half heard waltz.
Your arm is the mirror
image of mine
our hands clasped
at the center of this unfelt moment.
You gaze off toward the moon
while my eyes
watch yours
that do not see
what is lost
between us.


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