This morning my writing thoughts are about genre jumping. Taking the online classes in flash fiction keep me focused a bit more than usual. However, I also have a great passion for writing poetry. It was the first genre I ever wrote in. I love the musical tone that you find even in free verse poems, I love prose poems, and I love the way you can tell, or read, a whole intense story in a few wonderfully crafted lines. I'd like to share my poems as well as short stories here. And would love to hear your feelings about writing.

I worked on two stories over this past three day weekend. I also crafted a poem or two. This year I wish to take my writing to a new level--one of better quality and more submissions, hopefully leading to more publications.

If only work didn't get in the way of my writing time. It's a challenge. Leads me to be creative about how to make more time for what I love.

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