Welcome to my new blog. It has taken a bit of consideration before beginning this new adventure. I am presently taking an online flash fiction writing course and have enrolled in a second on the same genre for later this month. What I wish to do with this blog is connect with other writers, be accountable for a daily writing practice, discuss the process of writing, and post new stories. I read about a challenge to write a flash fiction story every week for a year. I'd like to try that. It's said that no one can write 52 bad stories, meaning as a writer I will end this brand new year with at least some stories worthy of being submitted. And that is my next challenge--to submit more. So here I will state my intentions
  • write daily
  • complete at least one flash fiction story a week
  • submit one story a week
  • don't allow completed stories to sit home--send them out into the literary world
  • create a collection of flash fiction stories to send out for publication
I hope my writing friends will take up a similar challenge for this year. I hope I will get many visitors to this new blog and make new writing friends. Love to hear from you out there, both writers and readers.


  1. Congratulations!! Hope you have lots of followers and achieve all your intentions. CREATE, CREATE, CREATE!! I think I need to do that too. The only thing I need is time. Let's see if this year gives some of that.
    Many hugs. Love, Maritza.

  2. I am inspired by your intentions! Write on!


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