Brainstorm Your Novel Ideas

Despite the frigid temps and chaotic winds we fought the elements and went to Barnes and Noble this morning. Over a hot cup of java and a new notebook I wrote ideas for my new novel and purused some novel writing books.

After spending 6 years working on a novel that was never finished I decided to put it aside and begin something new. However, when I started brainstorming ideas for the new novel it occurred to me that I could turn these 2 ideas into a fiction series of 3 to 4 novels. 

It sounds rather presumtious to plan such a thing since I never finished the last novel. But I'm retired now and have more time and hopefully more stress free focus.

I think the idea was prompted this morning by reading the second book in Robyn Carr's Virgin River series. I thought, "I could do this." I love her writing and I am captivated by her stories and the characters. Her writing very much echoes the kind of books I want to write. Women's fiction with a romance going on and some subplot related to social issues. 

It came to me that my two novel ideas are connected as they revolve around a counseling center. I want to take the characters and translate them into ongoing protagonists and add in more characters and substories as each new book opens up. I think I can do this!

Working the 2 stories into a 2 book series and then expanding it at least assures I won't completely lose the hundreds of pages I've written in the previous novel.

Now I just have to sketch out the way this will go. Some plot lines will stay the same, some will be moved and others eliminated. Not sure how to set up a series yet but I will try my best and see what happens!


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