Writing a Fiction Series

I am undertaking the long journey of writing a romantic women's fiction series with the help of Karen Wiesner's book "Writing the Fiction Series." This may seem odd to my writer friends who know that I haven't finished even the one novel I've been writing since forever. But now that I am retired there are no excuses and I came up with an idea that I am excited about.

I will begin by reading all of Karen's book and using her worksheets--which are quite helpful in the novel writing process and available to download from WritersDigest.com.

I have a general idea of the story arc for the series and a solid plan for the story arc for writing the first novel in the series which will be called the Warwick House Series. I will do whatever it takes to accomplish this goal. I plan to have a first draft done by the time my writing critique group goes on retreat in April. I huge goal but I have writing time now and I have to use it to write! I am so looking forward to our retreat at Amagansett

I am also revamping the organization for this blog now that I have a template and appearance I am satisfied with. I will include snippets of the journey in writing these books, discussions of specific writing craft topics, tidbits of advice for the writing process and keeping the writing moving along, recommendations of writing craft reference books and novels. I hope in the near future to include interviews with published writers as well. I will end each blog with a writing prompt.

Here is today's prompt:

"Your main character opens her door to someone she hasn't seen in ten years--who is it?"


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